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Welcome to DemonicAngelz.
Here we have no lvl requirements, nor do we demand that you have one or more HLP at your side.
There will be arguements arise in guild, that's inevitable... even the best of friends argue from time to time, but we never let them pull us apart. We grow and fight together. We learn eachother's strengths and weeknesses. We stand behind eachother and protect eachother, but if we feel that you are in the wrong we will be the first to tell you.
We are more than just a guild, we are a family!
Guild Guide Lines

Problems Within Guild

I will do my very best to keep DemonicAngelz a Drama Free Guild, but in order to do so I need for you to understand that I take a peaceful and clam approch to dealing with problems that arise in guild between members.


If you should happen to have a problem or issue with a fellow member, please message me and explain the situation. I will talk to you and every other member involved and if there are non-guild membvers involved I will probably speak with them as well.These conversations will beheld between myself, Demon, one or more of my Archangelz and only 1 of the players involved at a time.Once we hear every side of the story we will then decide how to go about handeling the problem at hand.


I will not tolerate any un-needed drama in this guild. I will not put up with members being disrespectful to any of my Archangelz, myself, or Demon, or any other members for that matter. I also will not stand for badmouthing of any guild member or the guild itself in Whole Chat. This is only a game after all and we are all adults, and therefore should act like adults. 



I am doing my best to keep DemonicAngelz a peaceful and drama free guild. I want us to have an amazing reputation and to be respected in game. I want for other players to wish that they were a part of the DemonicFamily. I do not want for us to become targeted due to the actions of one or more of our members, nor do I want for DemonicAngelz to be a feared guild. Fear is not respect. Therefore here are my guidelines on PKing.........



I know that there will be instances for you all to want to turn on PK...... for example someone KSing you while you are farming or DPing. For such an instance I prefer that you give the KSer THREE warnings ...... Once in general and if they keep KSing, PM them, if they continue to KS warn them again in general that they are KSing you and that you are going to turn PK on again if they do not stop. If they are still KSing you after the 3rd warning, take a screenshot of their char, and your warnings, then you can PK on. This will help protect you if someone comes to me saying that one of my guild members has been PKing them.


~PK Party~

I know that from time to time there are (or used to be) PK parties outside of Horizon. If you wish to take part in these parties, feel free to do so. BUT i do ask that you only PK the other players taking part in the party and leave the other players be. There are still quests in that area, and some people just like to watch others play around (I used to watch them all the time). I'd like to ask that you refrain from taking part in any Dungeon PK parties. These are a nuisance to the players that are just trying to lvl. 

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